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Associate Marriage & Family Therapist


Meet Kary

Hi, I'm Kary. I provide psychotherapy with a Depth Psychological orientation. I work with teens and young adults, couples and adult individuals. I specialize in relationships, and work to help my clients relate in a more satisfying way. My goal is for my clients to develop a stronger sense of self, so they are better able to navigate their relationships and lives. To this end, I help my clients to think more psychologically, symbolically, and compassionately about themselves.


Whether you are working through the quirks of a new relationship, or your existing relationship feels stagnant or strained, or a break-up has left you heartbroken, or you need support setting boundaries and having difficult conversations with friends or family…I can help you navigate the confusing, sad and uncertain terrain of human relating.


Please reach out with questions using the contact form below, or email me at: 

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To book a free initial 20-minute consultation, or a full 50-minute psychotherapy session with me


Specializing in Individual &
Couples Therapy


I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications and Culture from UC Berkeley and my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara. I also hold a certification in Sex Therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. 

I currently provide psychotherapy as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist to individuals and couples in private practice at Psychotherapist.Coach: A Marriage & Family Corporation. I work virtually and in-person. I also see clients at the Liberation Institute, a non-profit mental health organization in San Francisco. I have provided counseling to children and their parents at Bay Area Community Resources, a Marin County non-profit that delivers mental health services to schools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I have also worked as a certified Domestic Violence Advocate at The Center for Domestic Peace in Marin County.

My approach is rooted in Depth Psychology, which is defined as "The study of unconscious mental processes and motives."  The work of Depth Psychologists such as Carl G. Jung, Marion Woodman, James Hollis and Robert  A. Johnson have had a profound influence on my work.  

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